Additional Information:

Care is provided by appointment only


Document processing fee is $45 (Non refundable)
if approved for registration will charge additional $155

This $155 covers following services:
- Physician reveiw the records with patient- makes summary of the documents which were provided by patient
- Review the qualifying condition
- Discuss provisional treatment and dosage
- Provide list of dispensaries
- Consent and agreement checked
- Register patient in to state registry ( Office of Compassionate Use )
- Explain process of applying for the Compassionate use identification card.
-First prescription of the medical marijuana

New Patients: may not have to wait 7-15 days then First Visit
Established : wait till your get a temporary card and once you have a card, let us know and make an appointment

First is included in first payment of $155 and subsequent visits every 75 days are for : $75

Contact info:
Tel and text : 850-776-3063
Any need : Please let me know by ""